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Offset Technologies – Spray Foam Tools

The world’s FIRST plug and play off-set cutting tool and the newest innovation to the SPRAY FOAM industry.

Why is Offset Technologies exactly what you need?

All current Sawzall attachment cutting tools require disassembling the manufacturer’s shaft to attach the cutting element, often causing damage to the Sawzall base unit and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Offset Technologies attachments maintain the integrity of the manufacturer’s product while providing our customers with the proper attachments you need to get the job done.

Offset Technologies has created a one-of-a-kind, construction grade aluminum quick PLUG AND PLAY attachment product. Our family of spray foam trimming tools are by far the simplest way to cut away spray foam allowing you to trim foam flush to the studs with ease. Our easy plug and play attachments do not require permanent alteration of the manufacturer’s base unit, therefore maintaining the product’s integrity and avoiding potential voiding of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our patent-pending design is the first of many new tools coming from the team at Offset Technologies.
With over 2 years in Research and Development, several prototype designs, and countless field hours, we strongly believe this is the BEST tool design to cut away both open and closed cell spray foam.
Please don’t hesitate to contact or email us at Sales@offsettechnologies.com

Offset Technologies has thought of everything!

Spray Foam Tool
  • Test on both Closed Cell and Open Cell Spray Foam
  • We offer both left and right-handed tools
  • We offer options for both Corded and Battery operated Sawzalls.